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Job Duties

  • Primary job responsibilities include answering 9-1-1 emergency calls for police, fire, and medical assistance

  • Ensure correct resources are sent to each call for assistance

  • Determine priority, nature, and location of calls for assistance

  • Maintain the status of public safety personnel when dispatched for service

  • Keep complete and accurate records, logs, and reports


with the 
San Bernardino Police Department


Competitive base pay




Police Dispatcher 1 (Flex)...........$22.26 - $27.05.....................$3,606 - $4,383.............$43,272 - $52,596

Police Dispatcher 2....................$22.98 - $27.94......................$3,984 - $4,843.............$47,808 - $58,116

Police Dispatcher Supervisor....$28.06 - $34.11.......................$4,864 - $5,912.............$58,368 - $70,944​




96 hours sick leave per year

120 hours holiday leave per year

80 hours vacation leave per year



Choice of medical, dental, and vision plans

City-paid life insurance policy

City-paid accidental death and disability policy 


Enrollment in the CA

Public Employees Retirement System

(CalPERS) 2% at age 62 Plan


Classic CalPERS members will be enrolled in the 2% at age 55 plan

Minimum Qualifications

  • High school graduate, General Educational Development (GED) certificate, or California Proficiency Certificate

  • One year of customer service experience

  • Ability to type a minimum of 30 wpm

  • Ability to pass a thorough background investigation and psychological screening

  • Willing and able to work Day, Swing, and Midnight shifts

  • Willing and able to work weekends and holidays

  • Willing and able to work mandatory overtime during critical incidents



  • Practice typing to ensure minimum speed requirement will be met

  • Practice typing what you hear, as you hear it.

  • Practice typing while YOU talk. It's not that easy! You'll need this skill...

  • Make arrangements to "sit-along" or tour a variety of Communications Centers.

  • Know that it is nothing like the movies. Every Communications Center is different.

  • Practice listening skills. Watch TV and read a book, listen to the radio at the same time.

  • Learn how to read a map, and to give directions to someone over the phone.

  • Learn the phonetic alphabets (both of 'em!) and practice saying license plates out loud.
    "Three David Adam Henry Four Seven Nine" or "Three Delta Alpha Hotel Four Seven Nine."

  • Check around for Public Safety Communications courses at local community colleges.

  • Take 1st Aid & CPR courses -- it might not be a requirement, but it's a valuable skill.

  • Buy or borrow a radio scanner. Listen to the professionals! 

How do I Prepare?

Frequently asked questions

Q: How old do I have to be to apply?

A: 18 years of age to apply, there is no other age limit.​​

Q: Do I have to complete the POST-Public Safety Dispatcher Course before submitting my application?

A: No, completing the POST Public Safety Dispatcher Course is not a requirement at the time your application is submitted. ​

Q: If I am an out-of-state applicant can I consolidate any part(s) of the hiring process?

A: A limited amount of consolidation could occur during the hiring process. 


Q: Do I need to be a U.S. Citizen to apply?

A: You would need to be a U.S. Citizen or permanent resident alien who is eligible and has applied for citizenship.​


Q: Will poor credit, bankruptcy, or bills in collections be a disqualifier during the hiring process?

A: Not necessarily, each application will be reviewed and considered on a case-by-case basis. 


Q: Can I still apply with a DUI conviction?

A: 1 DUI conviction within 3 years of your application or 2 DUI convictions would be a disqualifier.

Q: Will moving violation convictions (traffic tickets) disqualify me from the hiring process?

A: 3 or more moving violations within the past 3 years would be a disqualifier.

Q: Can I do a sit-along in dispatch during the hiring process?

A: If you reach the background process a sit-along with be scheduled for you by your background investigator.

Q: If I am disqualified at any point during the hiring process can I reapply?

A: Yes, you may reapply every 30 days.

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