City Testing

1. Candidates file an application online. 



2. City staff reviews the application for minimum qualifications.  


3. City staff administers a written examination (waived for applicants with a AA/AS (or higher) degree or a POST Pellet-B T-Score of 42 or higher).


4. Police Department staff administers a physical abilities test, consisting of the following components:

  • 99-yard obstacle course,

  • 165-pound body drag,

  • 6-foot chain-link fence climb,

  • 6-foot solid-wall climb, and

  • 500-yard run.

Police Department Testing

5. Police Department staff will screen the candidate's Personal History Statement and Pre-Background Interview Questionnaire for any disqualifying background issues.

6. The first interview will be conducted by a panel of Police Department representatives.

7. A polygraph exam will be administered.

8. A thorough background investigation will be conducted. 

9. The Chief of Police will review the background investigation file and interview the candidate.

10. Medical and psychological exams will be conducted. 

11. If the candidate's background is satisfactory and the candidate passes all steps of the hiring process, the candidate may be hired.