Are you an experienced law enforcement officer who is bored at your current agency?  Are you stuck in a jail or custody environment and want to start working immediately as a patrol officer in the field?  Do you seek additional challenges and opportunities to further develop your law enforcement career?  Would you like to serve a diverse and active community?  Are you interested in joining an exciting and fast-paced Department?  If you answer "yes" to any of these questions, we want to hear from you!


San Bernardino Police Officers enjoy a variety of different duty assignments and work experiences that may not be available at other agencies. With highly-competitive pay, expanded career opportunities, and the chance for upward mobility, lateral officers find the San Bernardino Police Department to be a great choice.


Lateral Officer applicants must be currently employed by a California police agency and must possess a Basic POST certificate.

Lateral Officers may qualify for higher starting pay depending on their law enforcement experience and qualifications.  Laterals may also qualify for the accelerated Field Training Program.